About Eli the Bee Guy

How Eli Became the Bee's Knees.

Hi, I am Eli, and I have been working with and looking after bees since I was a teenager. I am passionate about ensuring bees and humans live in harmony. Safely relocating them from places they shouldn’t be and the permanent removal of our enemies in common – wasps and yellow jacket hornets.

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Bees are essential for pollinating our food crops – our mission is to keep them happy in their work.

My career began early, working with over 100 hives as a teenage apiarist. I spent many hours studying the behavior of bees. I decided I wanted to do more for their survival as a species and rescue them from situations where they had become unwelcome residents. I take great pride and care in removing them safely from your home to apiaries where they can forage for food in open pastures. 

Before becoming a bee whisperer, I worked in the construction and electrical industry and am a certified firefighter. I ensure that anyone working for me is also experienced in construction and has been shown the right way to remove and repair so your home and premises are protected.

Why Choose Us

My guarantee to you and the bees

To use only live-capture methods of removal of the bee
To provide honest and no-surprise quotes every time

For friendly and efficient removal of bees and wasp extermination - call Eli the Bee Guy every time.

Servicing all of Southern California. LA County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

We provide 100% eco-friendly bee removal services. Bees are rehomed to hand-selected beekeepers who know how to give the care needed for the hive to live happily ever after.