Why do Bees Matter?

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Removing unwanted bees from your home can be simple and humane!

Instead of harming these essential pollinators that provide us with food and beautify our environment, choose our professional services. We prioritize the safety and well-being of bees, humans, and pets, ensuring a harm-free removal process for all.  

Did you know that bees:

When you care for bees, you care for the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

I take the bees I rescue to carefully selected commercial operators who care for their well-being and ensure they can go about their business in bee-friendly environments. The only thing I take from hives is excess honey. You can purchase ethically sourced honey here.

Yes! I can help you set up a new hive in a bee-friendly area of your property. However, it is important to remove all traces of their current home and close entrance and exit holes. I have the experience in construction and maintenance repairs to do this for you and will provide advice on how best to keep your nectar foragers in a hive of your choice.

Exterminating bees through poison is not the best option for the planet or your bottom line. This is because poisoning the hive only temporarily solves the problem as the hive structure is covered in a pheromone that helps any bees not “home” when spraying, resettle once the poison has evaporated. 


Bees are also vital in pollinating our food crops and are not cheap to replace, especially as the species is declining. Live capture safely relocates bees to where they are wanted, and I also remove all traces of the hive so you don’t have to worry about them returning. 

Don’t use poison as a shortcut, it will be more expensive in the long run.     

With up to 60,000 bees in a colony, leave relocating them to an expert. Call Eli the Bee Guy for the best price.

When you care for bees, you care for the planet.

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