Ethical Bee Removal Services for Commercial Properties

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The Business of Bees

I know what it takes to keep a business alive. The last thing you need is a hive of busy bees slowing down your day and scaring away customers.

As an experienced and efficient bee removal professional, I offer internal and external removal guaranteed to humanely deter unwanted pollinators from returning.

I will inspect all areas of your building and exterior property, making minor repairs to entry and exit holes and ensuring completion to a high standard. I have a background in construction and know how to remove bees with minimum disruption. I am fully insured for general liability.

24/7 call-out service for emergency removals, including weekend service to minimize business disruption.

Bees Be Gone with Eli The Bee Guy

Wasps and African Bees

Safe, non-toxic removal of unwanted pests performed quickly and without fuss.

Payment Plans Available

Bee removal is my top priority. I offer payment plans once the job is completed.

Personalized Service

No two hives are the same. I create individualized action plans because, when it comes to bees, one size does not fit all.

Bee Safe. Bee Smart.

Never disturb a nest, or you will be stung! Call the professionals for quick, sting-free removal.

Call Eli the Bee Guy when unwanted bees come a-knocking on your door. Friendly service guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the State of California, pest removal companies have to be licensed if they use pesticides. We are not licensed because we believe live capture is the best way to remove bees from your property. Extermination only does half the job, as the bees are removed but not the hive. Leaving the hive makes room for another swarm to move in once the poison evaporates. 

With live capture, we not only keep vital pollinators alive but also remove all traces of the hive, leaving no calling card for other unwanted bees to settle.

The majority of bees rescued are removed by hand. We DO NOT vacuum bees either due to the increased risk of fatalities in the colony due to wing damage. We use various methods that reduce harm and keep the colonies calm during rehoming. 

Bees love to build their homes in difficult-to-reach places. But that is okay because I have the skills and equipment to safely remove bees from anywhere. From shopping malls to factories, I have a solution to safely rehome unwanted bees and eradicate wasps and hornets from your commercial space. 

Exterminating bees through poison is not the best option for the planet or your bottom line. This is because poisoning the hive only temporarily solves the problem as the hive structure is covered in a pheromone that helps any bees not “home” when spraying, resettle once the poison has evaporated. 


Bees are also vital in pollinating our food crops and are not cheap to replace, especially as the species is declining. Live capture safely relocates bees to where they are wanted, and I also remove all traces of the hive so you don’t have to worry about them returning. 

Don’t use poison as a shortcut, it will be more expensive in the long run.     

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Eli The Bee Guy for Safe and Easy Bee Removal and Rehoming

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