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Experienced Holistic Wasp Extermination

Unlike bees, wasps do not like being rehomed, nor do they appreciate attempts to swat them away with a flick of your hand or sprayed with water/an insect spray.

With an ability to sting multiple times in defense, sometimes with life-threatening consequences, it pays to leave removal to the experts. People like me who have the experience and knowledge to safely identify and eradicate Californian wasps and hornets, including paper wasps and yellowjackets, from your home or business.

Non-toxic methods ensure no harm to you, your pets, or the pollinators (bees) you do want to live in your garden. I also advise you on how to keep your property wasp colony free and undertake professional repairs to entry and exit points on the spot—providing prompt and friendly service with specialist equipment available for those hard-to-reach colonies.

Roof edges and soffits - Interiors - Exteriors - Slidings - Trees - Wherever wasps are a problem.

Eli The Bee Guy for safe and non-toxic wasp eradication.

Paper Wasps

Nests resemble paper-like material. Have a painful sting and will attack when disturbed.

Yellow Jacket Wasp

Live like bees but prefer nests underground. Will attack when disturbed with a sting that can be painful for days.

Bald Faced Wasp

Build round nests that will defend aggressively with a painful result. The enemy of honey bees!

Bee Safe, Bee Smart

I understand wasp behavior and know the safest way to remove them. Call me before you get hurt.

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LA County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wasps are smaller than hornets and can be beneficial in a Californian garden as they eat other insects. However, some prey on pollinators like honey bees, and all have a painful sting that can be deadly if allergic. Wasps have black and yellow rings, and hornets have black and white rings. Neither should be removed from your home, garden, or commercial building by anyone other than a professional, as they can be aggressive when disturbed. Some are faster than you, and others can recognize who disturbed them and will attack the individual/s in a mass attack.

Some wasp species are solitary insects that “live on the wing.” In contrast, others create a colony, usually exactly where you don’t want them to be under verandas, garages, ceilings, attics, or bushy shrubs and trees. Wherever there is an easy supply of food (especially sweet foods and decaying material), a queen can produce between 1,000 and 30,000 offspring, which will defend their home aggressively if disturbed. “Chasing” wasps away with a soapy water spray will not solve your problem. Only the total removal of their nest will solve the problem—something only professional wasp removers should do. Eli the Bee Guy has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to safely and quickly remove your wasp nest. 


Call Eli before you get stung! Wasps will not hesitate to attack if disturbed. I know how to get rid of them safely and quickly.  

Don’t delay; call or message me today for a no-obligation free quote. Eli The Bee Guy for safe and non-toxic wasp eradication.