How long does it take for a bee to be born?

The process of a bee being born, or emerging from its cell, takes about three weeks from egg to adult. Here is a brief overview of the stages of a bee’s life cycle:

  • Egg: The female bee, called the queen, lays an egg in a wax cell in the hive. The egg hatches into a larva after about three days.
  • Larva: The larva is fed a substance called “royal jelly” by the worker bees. It grows rapidly and molts several times as it develops.
  • Pupa: After about a week, the larva spins a cocoon around itself and transforms into a pupa.
  • Adult: After about another week, the pupa emerges as an adult bee. The adult bee will then begin its duties in the hive, such as gathering nectar and pollen or caring for the young.

Overall, it takes about three weeks for a bee to go from an egg to an adult.

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